3 Reasons to Invest in Collectible Action Figures

collectible action figures

collectible action figures

Collectible action figures are more popular now than ever before. Collectible action figures take us on a trip down memory lane, and the experience is sentimental and fulfilling, to say the least. But why collect action figures?

Getting Into a New Hobby

Investing your time in hobbies is a great way to keep your mind engaged. And when you invest in collectible action figures, much of the time you spend with them will be taken up with organization, cleaning, and maintaining them. You may even uncover an older action figure at a thrift store that needs some fixing up. From there, you could embark on a restoration journey with your new collectible action figure. From paint touch-ups to dusting and more, there are countless ways to engage yourself when you’re dealing with collectible action figures. Some collectors even recreate famous scenes from movies with the figures they collect.

The Nostalgia Factor

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. So powerful, in fact, that it will have fans of old franchises collecting action figures from that series or movie decades later. Consider shows like Power Rangers. Though the original series has long since left television, avid fans still purchase collectibles to this day. When fans form a deep connection to a character, story, or series as young adults, nostalgia can be a big motivating factor in their decision to collect items that remind them of that time in their lives. It’s the same reason someone might read books to their children that they loved growing up. Collecting action figures out of nostalgia is a very common phenomenon.

Passing Collectibles Down to Children

For some people, collecting action figures isn’t necessarily about keeping them in pristine condition or hoping to make money from them in the future. In fact, some collectors do the opposite — they keep collectibles from their childhood or that remind them of childhood to pass down to future generations. Whether these collectible action figures get passed down and maintained as collectibles or used for play is up to each individual collector, but passing down collectibles to younger generations is fairly common.

The U.S. toy industry is estimated to generate about $13.2 billion in tax revenue every year. Collectible action figures account for a huge chunk of the annual revenue, thanks to the rising number of action figure toy collectors.

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