The Premium DNA Battletoads Anthology Collection draws inspiration from the entire catalog of Battletoads titles and it’s rich history to create definitive collectibles that celebrate the entire cast of unique characters. By partnering with the industry’s top design talent, this amazing line brings authentic detail, posability, and character scale accurate to the screen!

Battletoads: Anthology Collection Wave 1

Available through 5/15/2021

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End Boss Collection Characters Tower Above The Rest!

Battletoads Anthology Collection Wave 1 features two End Boss Collection characters — General Slaughter (15″) and General Vermin (12″). Pictured right, you can see General Slaughter next to a NECA TMNT 6″ scale figure for comparison.

Premium DNA End Boss edition figures bring you all the detail and articulation of a premium small-scale action figure in a gigantic, 12″ – 15″ package. These figures feature video-game villains in their game-appropriate scale, which is often staggering! Battletoads Wave 1 has two End Boss figures – General Slaughter and General Vermin!!

Battletoads: Anthology Collection Reference Titles

Battletoads Anthology Collection Wave 1 draws from all of the classic titles in the series to produce world-class action figures of an iconic cast of characters. These titles span from arcade, to home console, to handheld, and have a special place in the hearts of gamers and collectors alike.

RARE Studio

Premium DNA Toys official licensing partner