How Barnyard Commandos Can Help You Defend Your Hobby


Over the course of your life as a comic book enthusiast, nerd, or action figure connoisseur, you’ve likely had to defend your status as an action figure collector. After all, your love for vintage action figures like Barnyard Commandos isn’t necessarily understood by everyone. However, there are worse things you could be doing with your time and the space in your home. If you’re a proud animal action figure collector, you can be ready to defend your hobby with these solid points about your collection.

Retro Action Figures Don’t Take Up Much Space

Unless your action figures sprawl your entire living space, you’re engaging in a cost-effective hobby. Your Barnyard Commandos contain rebels like P.O.R.K.S. and R.A.M.S., but these fierce battle buddies usually take up no more than 6 inches in any direction. Even if you’ve invested in creating some barnyard terrain for your animal friends, they really don’t take up too much space. Plus, when you’re not displaying them, they fit easily into most foam-lined collectible storage devices.

Animal Action Figures Help You Remember Your Childhood Fondly

Most of us have a favorite vintage brand. Whether it’s Lisa Frank, Caboodles, G.I. Joe, Astronaut Barbie, or Barnyard Commandos, critics of action figure collections usually just haven’t had the chance to reconnect with their own favorite beloved childhood brand. When advocating for your animal collection figures, ask the other person what their favorite childhood brand might have been, and remind them that your action figures provide you with that same warm, satisfied feeling.

The Next Generation Must Know About Barnyard Commandos

You can’t let the tradition be lost. Barnyard Commandos and other animal action figures brought you so much joy as a child, so it’s clearly a great tradition to pass down to your children, friends’ kids, or nieces, nephews, and cousins.

You can teach children to respect collectibles even though they’re also toys, and it creates a bonding activity for you and the children in your life. By exploring the Barnyard Commandos collection, each child can learn to express themselves by choosing a favorite of the animal action figures and articulating why they love it so much.

While the average price of a toy is only about $10, the nationwide sale of more than 3 billion units creates about $27 billion per year for the toy industry in direct toy sales alone. And consider this: collectors make up a hefty share of that market, as the love of collectible action figures lasts a lifetime.

If you’re ready to defend your collection with memorable and funny action figures, Premium DNA Toys is ready to ship you a single figure or full collection of Premium DNA Barnyard Commandos. Remember: they don’t take up too much space, you can pass the love of Barnyard Commandos and animal action figures on to the next generation, and they make you feel great about your childhood–all with the added bonus of making you quite easy to shop for.

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