Madballs Premium DNA Trashin' Pumpkin

As Featured In Need For Speed: No Limits


Madballs Premium DNA Wave 1

Funny Action Figures Shipping Spring 2021

Each of these Madballs funny action figures stands approximately 6 inches in height, features 25 points of articulation, and features interchangeable parts! 
They’re not just modular, they’re MADular! Mix and match parts between characters to create your very own freaky combinations!

Production Updates

The following images and video depict the current stage of production, which is articulation testing! During this step, the factory is making sure all of the joint spacing is correct to allow full range of motion, as well as the tolerances to avoid any breakage issues. The joints may seem loose in the video clip. This is because the figures are resin copies and very fragile, so the joints are kept this way intentionally. Once finalized, the proper adjustments are made in tooling and adjusted accordingly during the test shot phase.
UPDATE 9/20/20 – Test Shot Images Added