Barnyard Commandos Premium DNA Wave 1 – Corporal Hy Ondahog – SPRING 2021


Profile: Corporal Hy Ondahog is high on combat. He loves the smell of rocket fumes, the taste of  dust, and explosions echoing through the barnyard battlefield. Even after losing an eye in the war, he never hesitates to engage his rocket launcher on the battlefield. Out of combat he likes to mud wrestle and play pigskin without a helmet.

-Rocket launcher with removable missiles and satellite readouts
-Tire and rusty axel to make rocket launcher free standing
-Bayonet kabob with snack for the battlefield

PremiumDNA Policies

Megalopolis: Premium DNA action figures are made to order collectibles. No instant sell outs. No bots. No limits on quantity. Madballs wave 1 action figures are available for Pre-order from August 1 – September 1. Pay in full or in installments! All Premium DNA Sales are Final.