Barnyard Commandos Premium DNA Wave 1 – Major Legger Mutton – SPRING 2021


Profile: Major Mutton is referred to by the sheep he leads as the “Old Ram.” He is decisive ont he battle field and confident, though his pride will not allow him to wear the glasses he is in much need of. His terrible vision causes even his most loyal R.A.M.S. to scatter when he pulls out  his guided missile launcher.

-Back pack missile launcher system, featuring articulation for aim
-Removable missile
-Whole and damaged watermelons

PremiumDNA Policies

Megalopolis: Premium DNA action figures are made to order collectibles. No instant sell outs. No bots. No limits on quantity. Madballs wave 1 action figures are available for Pre-order from August 1 – September 1. Pay in full or in installments! All Premium DNA Sales are Final.

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